Truth & Total Transparency

VERITAT means ‘Truth’ in Catalan. With so much misinformation out there about what is truly healthy, I wanted to bring you this beautiful 'fruit juice' direct from the Priorat region of Spain. The simple truth is extra virgin olive oil is the juice from the olive, the original superfood, packed with health-enhancing goodness and flavor. Freshness is as vital as it is to know exactly where your food comes from and that it is of the finest quality. VERITAT Oli d’Oliva will always give full information. With all its heart-healthy, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and nutritional qualities, premium olive oil continues to reveal more and more health benefits. Olive oil, being fundamental to the Mediterranean diet, encouraging us to eat healthily, needs to be consumed every day, not just on special occasions. Set in the middle of your table with its fresh flavors and timeless importance to wellbeing, it is a delicious catalyst for conversation and connection. Pour a yummy bowl of VERITAT Oli d’Oliva, grab your favorite dipping foods and share.