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How VERITAT Oli d’Oliva and Mother’s Garden Met – An Olive Oil Love Story

Catalonia, Spain was my home for eight years, and in that time this outstanding premium extra virgin olive oil, from one tiny, stunning region, has become fundamental to my family’s diet and wellbeing.

It is my mission to bring you truly great tasting, fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil and educate all who are craving the true health benefits of this spectacular elixir.

For a long time, I have been on a voyage of discovery about this vital, original superfood, especially arbequina premium EV olive oil from the mountains of The Priorat, a patchwork land of vineyards and olive groves known worldwide for its superior wine but not as yet for its equally superior oil.  This is where the first Arbequina trees were brought from Palestine in the 17th century.

VERITAT Oli d’Oliva has been inspired by – and works directly with – Mother’s Garden, a Priorat mountain farm I know very well, and where, in November, I harvested some of the olives that went into the VERTIAT pressing.

I first met Martin and Maggie at a mutual friend’s home for his birthday party. Martin and Maggie led a fun and informative Olive Oil tasting and educated us on the fascinating history of olive oil, from the ancient royals basically bathing in it, to its use as currency, and most importantly it’s numerous health benefits and how it’s been a catalyst for bringing people around the table in effort to connect to one another.

Mother’s Garden is truly inspiring. Owners Martin Kirby and Maggie Whitman have been farming there for seventeen years, and their life-changing story has been featured on two television documentaries and in two books written by Martin – No Going Back and Shaking the Tree. And they continue to tell their story, both in articles and blogs, also welcoming people from all over the world to stay in their farm cottage and to experience their lives, this special place and region. http://mothersgarden.org/

Their Mother’s Garden brand, working with their local 100-year-old village cooperative where third-generation farmer Maggie is an associate, has won the United Kingdom’s highest award for olive oil, three gold stars in the coveted Great Taste competition. And Martin and Maggie lead tastings and campaigns for a wider understanding of olive oil and how it is at the heart of a happy and healthy life. 

Fundamentally, they are passionate about how freshness, provenance and quality are all equally essential, a feeling we very much share here at VERITAT Oli d’Oliva. As with Mother’s Garden, all of VERITAT’s premium arbequina extra virgin olive oil comes from the same groves and every bottle carries full information about where and when the fruit was pressed. Nothing less will do.

Dip into the Mother’s Garden story, through the books, the blogs or their website. And dip into the wonderful flavor and healthy wisdom of VERITAT premium extra virgin olive oil.

I am sharing this beautiful olive oil with you in the United States as VERITAT Oli d’Oliva - Catalan for truth - so it can also be fundamental to your family’s healthy diet and wellbeing. So go ahead and taste the difference, please, and let me know what you think.