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Julie R Harnish

Julie is a curious evolved woman fully embracing her femininity, practicing spiritual Goddess, an experienced traveler, discoverer of humanity and the pleasures of life, mother to 4 children, bi-lingual, lover of well-designed chairs, sports and the outdoors and finding new always looking for another great book to read.

Julie R Harnish has been an advocate for truth in Extra Virgin Olive Oil for almost a decade. Her quest began while living in Spain, the epicenter of Olive Oil production. During her first Olive Oil tasting, Julie learned why her unsuccessful experience with integrating extra virgin olive oil into her healthy lifestyle failed 20 years earlier.

She was hooked and secured the distributorship of Mother’s Garden Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Barcelona. From there she realized as the expat community of Barcelona returned to the US, they still craved the fresh taste of Mother’s Gardens pure olive oil. So, four years ago Julie decided it was time to honor her passion for truth in nutrition and wellness and started importing EVOO into the States under the name Veritat Oli d’Oliva.

‘Veritat’ means ‘truth’ in the Catalan language spoken in and around Barcelona in the province of Catalunya. She is on a mission to educate and give full access to the best Arbequina Olive Oil to the American people. Veritat Oli d’Oliva is an international award-winning olive oil that fits the American pallet perfectly.

As an advocate to the notion of “What you put into your body is what you get out”, she believes that extra virgin olive oil is an essential and easy part of the whole equation of a healthy lifestyle. Like most of us, she is tired and fed up with the lies and half-truths when it comes to our health and wants to further educate the American people about what real nutrition looks, tastes and feels like.

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