Unfiltered Olive Oil

May 06, 2021

Unfiltered olive oil has the reputation of tasting amazing... and it does, when it's fresh! 

It’s important to know that unfiltered olive oil has the most pungent flavor. It is romantic and lovely, very rare and special. A delicacy for sure. 

 For a very short time and only one time of year, nature brings us luscious unfiltered olive oil.

 All olive oil goes into vats unfiltered and sits or settles between 17-21 days, depending on the miller and the oil's taste, dictate when it will be filtered and ready to bottle.

 Ever wonder what makes the unfiltered cloudy colored? There are bits of the ‘mash’ (the crushed up olive and pits before being pressed) that make it through the pressing process and stay in the oil, it also gives the oil more flavor as it settles after pressing. 

 Those little bits are food, and food goes rancid. This is true even in olive oil. After 3 months, unfiltered olive oil should not be consumed due to these bits of rancid food being present.

 If you’re going to consume unfiltered olive oil, knowing the date it was pressed is mandatory. 

 It is very very unlikely that you will find FRESH unfiltered extra virgin olive oil at a grocery store. (Read that sentence again, please)

 Anything unfiltered oil that's over 3 months old will not have gone rancid and devoid of its nutrients. So walk away slowly and know that you made a great choice and saved your money!

 Unfiltered olive oil is rare. The only place to get it is straight from the mill or knowing someone who has access to it. Sounds exciting, right? It is!

If you have a desire to experience the richness of unfiltered olive oil, connect with us and be added to the waitlist for our exclusive in-person harvest event in November 2022.

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