We're Going Skin Deep

February 25, 2021

Hi there! When I think of olive oil and skincare, I immediately imagine the ritual of legendary beauty, Cleopatra, dousing luxurious amounts of warmed olive oil all over her hair and body.

Who comes to your mind?

In the public baths of Ancient Greece, bathers would slather their skin in olive oil before using a thin metal blade to scrape away the mixture of oil, dirt and sweat. The Romans would later adopt the practice in their own baths. 


The best path to radiant skin is nourishing the insides of the body which includes taking 2 tablespoons a day of VERITAT


 Did you know that the first thing the forever-lovely Sophia Loren did in the morning was take 2 tbsp of olive oil? 


For many years now olive oil centric soaps, shampoos, conditioners and body care products have adorned our shelves. Please be aware of the ‘other’ ingredients in these products because our skin, being our largest organ, readily absorbs what you put on it. Here is Beauty Counter’s LIST of ingredients to stay away from. 


VERITAT is indeed a beauty oil. It improves the tone and texture of one's skin and hair because it's filled with antioxidants and Vitamins A and E that can repair and refresh skin that has been damaged due to unhealthy eating, sun exposure, and environmental pollutants. 


I’ve listed a few DIY formulas from Carol Firenze’s book,The Passionate Olive, at the end of the newsletter if you want to try out some fun and totally natural skincare. Later in the week I’ll be doing a FB LIVE making my favorite Coffee scrub using VERITAT. 


Another way to make sure your skin is glowing is how well hydrated you are everyday.


One of my favorite books on the subject is Quench by Dana Cohen. It provides great ways to become and stay hydrated. I love her airplane kit to combat dehydration while on long haul flights. It really works!


Click HERE for a fun savory strawberry smoothie using VERITAT.

EVOO helps with:

Eczema &
Diaper Rash!

Here are a few more ways to use VERITAT Everyday. (Adapted from Carol Firenze's book, The Passionate Olive)


First Thing In The Morning:

*Take 2 TBSP of VERITAT straight, or mix ½ cup warm water, 1 tbsp of VERITAT and 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar and drink quickly!


Louisa’s Moisturizing Formula:

*Combine 1 tsp of finely chopped fresh Italian parsley with 1 tsp of hot water

*Add 1 tbsp of VERITAT and mix well. 

*Moisten your face with warm water, apply mixture to your face in upward circular motion. 

*Leave on for 5 min and remove by blotting with a soft cloth (make sure the parsley is blotted away!). 


Nighttime Anti-wrinkle Formula:

*Mix 1 tbsp fo VERITAT and several drops of the juice of lemon. *Apply to the face (except around the eyes and eyelids)

*Only apply straight olive oil to the under eye and eyelid areas and keep overnight. 


VERITAT Salt Glow:

*Mix ½ cup of VERITAT with 1tbsp of course-grained sea salt

* Add drops of lavender and/or the essential oil geranium (option)

*Massage the body and shower afterward.


VERITAT & Avocado Face Mask:

*½ cup VERITAT

*Mash 1 small avocado

*Mix together to smooth consistency

*Apply to the face and leave on for 12 minutes

*Rinse off and see how great your skin looks!


Nail Care:

To ensure that your cuticles stay moist, rub some VERITAT around the dry nails and cuticles. It will give a shine to them.


Rejuvenating Foot Scrub and Rub:

*Mix in a small bowl, 2 tsp VERITAT, 1 tsp sea salt, 1 drop of peppermint oil and ½ tsp lemon zest

*Wash the feet thoroughly and adopt a comfortable position

*Rub the mixture all over each foot with a rotating motion

*Rinse the feet and apply straight VERITAT

* Put on socks after massage to absorb the excess oil. 


Softer Lips:

Put a little VERITAT on the lips at night to stop your lips from chapping.


As always, Thank You for being part of the VERITAT Family, I really appreciate you today and everyday. 


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