Mindful Eating

April 20, 2021



This week's focus is on our (yours and mine) mutual love of great tasting and nourishing FOOD! Shocking. 

Like you, I love great food! And maybe, like you, I sometimes make quick and not so nourishing choices when I get really hungry. Now I add into my schedule “LUNCH” so I stay energized and not get to the point where I'm so hungry I just grab something unhealthy and then my energy and mood go downhill from there. Do you ever do that?

Mindful eating is simply taking the time to appreciate every part of that piece of food's journey to your plate straight through to your stomach. 

I made a video demonstrating the actual practice of mindful eating. It was fun to experience taking the time to focus on one piece of food and all the movements, tastes and reactions that came up. 

Before clicking on the link below, grab 3 raisins or 3 small pieces of finger food such as dried cranberries, cherries or nuts would work too. And, let me know what came up for you in the FB group VERITAT. If you haven't joined yet, here's the link: FB VERITAT Group


Click here for the Mindful Eating Exercise



This week, I’m sharing with you a recipe that has continually brought comfort to all those around me. During my travels there are always two things I try to find out that takes me to a deeper cultural understanding of each country. First knowing what their concept of time is. For Spain, it's ‘there’s always enough time for everything' and in India, there is no concept of time (which may need some explaining another time). Second, what is the food or dish they crave while away from their region. In the province of Catalunya Spain, it's 'Pan Con Tomate' or ‘Pa amb Tomàquet’ (in Catalan). It's all basically the same thing, which is either rubbing bread with garlic, then tomato, olive oil and salt OR making a mixture with the same ingredients, toasting the bread and spreading the mixture on top. I'm demonstrating both ways but the second is my favorite way to make this wonderfully easy and nutritious taste of Spain and another great way to get your daily dose of 2 Tbs of VERITAT.

Here's the LINK to make Pan Con Tomate.

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