Better Than Ibuprofen

February 25, 2021

Inflammation is a nagging problem that only gets worse over time. If it’s ignored or you rely on over the counter meds to curb the pain, your body will rebel eventually and leave you in worse pain that you’re in right now. 

Those aches and pains that are keeping you from moving easily or doing things that you enjoy don’t have to keep you down or stuck. Your healthy lifestyle, one where you are pain free, can be the other side of a little thing called extra virgin olive oil.

Taking at least 2 TBS of extra virgin olive oil is the way to heal your body and stimulate your body’s repair mechanism in one simple step. In other words, olive oil will help your body heal itself, leading you, to a pain free life. 

A recently launched book, now a New York Times Bestseller, is recomending that you, “Place some extra virgin olive oil on a spoon, and then slurp it up like you're eating soup and being particularly rude about it.” He goes on to say,  “EVOO should be the main oil in your diet to be used liberally on salads, eggs and as a sauce.” Max Lugavere author of “Genius Foods” 

You might be wondering what about olive oil makes it so magical for cutting inflammation.

Oleo Canthal is a plant compound that powerfully stimulates your body’s own repair mechanisms when you consume them. 

Why do you need Oleo Canthal? 
Oleo Canthal is compared to a small dose of Ibuprofen, which can hurt your body long term, unlike olive oil which nourishes you. Olive oil gives you the benefits without the side effects of over the counter medications. 

If inflammation is left unchecked, it can cause depression, halt your brain’s ability to learn new things and be just plain uncomfortable. Nobody wants that, right?

There are 26 tablespoons of olive oil in one bottle of VERITAT. 

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