“I can hardly wait to dig in and enjoy the “juice of Spain.”

Rob Vanden Broek, (Very Happy Veritat Customer from Canada)

“Omg! I tried the oil this morning and it's absolutely delicious. I’m so excited!!!!”

Tanja Hughes

"We have enjoyed the oil so far, and look forward to using it more over the coming months. It has a very nice flavor, and definitely reminds us of Spain!”

Robert Robertson (Very Happy Veritat Customer)

“I’ve been cooking with it already and everyone in the family loves it. SO good!”

Rouby Taponpanh, Personal Chef

"It is extraordinary!
I've been giving it out to family and friends for promotion 😊
So proud of what you're doing, it’s very ambitious."

Jennifer Carroll, Author & Speaker, from LA

The Mission

Our Story

Nourish the Mind

And to help widen understanding, we also intend to offer to our customers THE OLIVE OIL DIET, a vital and simple to understand book guide to the many nutritional attributes of the original superfood. Written by Dr Simon Poole, a British medical doctor, and world-renowned authority and author Judy Ridgway, it explains why we all need it at the heart of our diet, and offers recipes too.


“Today, modern research shows that there is a very strong scientific basis for claiming that the food known to the ancient Greeks as the ‘gift of the gods’ and dubbed by Homer as ‘liquid gold’ is indeed a superfood with massive nutritional health benefits.”

-'The Olive Oil Diet' by Dr Simon Poole and Judy Ridgway

We are here to answer your questions – so please get in touch and help us spread the word and the benefits of fresh premium olive oil.

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